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Over the past 22 years we have been working on building a marketing platform to bring you the best suppliers within the Security Sector. These suppliers have everything you need to get the Security industry back on its feet.

We have teamed up with 2 other online marketing companies to make it affordable to get your company online and directly in touch with these suppliers. We don’t believe in spending £1000s on promoting your company for the same results.

Over the last 3 years and through the pandemic we have been speaking directly to the Security sector to get them to start using Global Security Solutions as a starting point for any of their needs for their businesses to thrive.

To date we have just over 32000 subscribers and growing every day. They will be using Global Security Solutions to find the products and services they need.

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Information for Suppliers

If you company is listed here please “claim your company” to make a difference and help the industry grow. Your company will be on the list because of the products and/or services you provide and is relevant to the industry.

Global Security Solutions is a Search platform so if you are unsure about registering with us then please email us with the products or services you provide and we will provide a detailed search history of what companies are searching for on this site.

Probably one of the best directories i have ever dealt with.
John Worthington

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